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Heat Exchanger

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  1. Tea Dryer and Sugar Mill Heat Exchanger

    Tea Dryer and Sugar Mill Heat Exchanger is fabricated having galvanized steel alloy made structure to assure its good heat transfer coefficient and high thermal stress bearing ability. It is required for transferring heat between two fluids that are separated by a metallic wall. This is a plate type heat exchanger, which is comprised of a number of rows of finned tubes enhancing its transfer efficiency. It is primarily designed to be used in agriculture and food processing industries.
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  2. Spiral Finned Tube Heat Exchanger

    Spiral Finned Tube Heat Exchanger finds its application for pre-heating, effluent cooling, pasteurization, and digester heating. It also finds its extensive use for waste heat recovery unit, which is a kind of economizer system. Outer & inner tubes of this heat exchanger are known to have excellent bonding, which eliminates the risk of loss of contact due to thermal stress. It is highly appreciated for having vibration resistant fins
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  3. Air Cooled Heat Exchanger

    Air Cooled Heat Exchanger finds its application as lube oil coolers, water & glycol coolers, engine radiators, closed loop cooling systems, and condensers. Also known as fin fat heat exchanger, it is ideal to be used where water is not available and for eliminating heat from a hot process fluid to the surrounding atmosphere. This device is comprised of multiple rows of finned tubes, which assures its excellent efficiency and long lasting operational life.
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  4. Industrial Heat Exchangers

    Industrial Heat Exchangers are most commonly utilized for cooling and heating large scale processes in various industries. They are greatly admired for recovering waste energy exhausted from processing systems & machines and using that waste heat for applying it to another process. These exchangers find their application for petroleum refining plants, breweries, waste water treatment, and nuclear power. They are known to play an important role in maintaining the desired temperature in anaerobic digesters for the increased growth of microbes that helps in eliminating pollutants.
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  5. Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger

    Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger can be designed in shell tube, blaze plate, coils, and embossed plate structural configurations as required according to the need of customer. It is required for the transfer of heat between two or more fluids separated by a wall in order to prevent their mixing. Made of stainless steel, this device is known for its supreme strength, rust proof nature, and ability to bear high thermal stress.
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